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  • NYC Summer Escapes: Get Outta Here!

    It’s funny how the second the sun begins to shine — transforming NYC from a frozen forest of wind accelerating skyscrapers into a collection of crowded outdoor patios with all ...

Slate’s DWYL Article Poops All Over My Life Philosophy… and makes a good point.

Just reading the subtitle of Slate’s recent article, “In the Name of Love” made me flush with guilt. “Elites embrace the ‘do what you love’ mantra. But it devalues work and hurts workers.” I’ve been on the bandwagon of the “Do What You Love” philosophy for years. I traveled with a specific motivation and message […]

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Speed Skating in Lake Placid and the Realization that City Life is Kinda Lazy

City folk tend to have a curiosity about life in rural settings. And typically that curiosity stems less from, “I wonder what it’s like to live in such beautiful places without the smog and congestion of a major metropolis,” and more from, “What the Heck do people do out there?” Despite being relatively well traveled, I […]

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