and at 103rd street... it was time to take a train. Goodnight Manhattan!

Conquering The West Side Path, NYC

Manhattan can seem big and scary to the map-toting traveler and quite frankly, it is. It houses around 1.6 million residents and over 23,000 restaurants (as of 2010.) Looking for Thai food? (Which I am on a weekly basis.) We’ve got about 320 to choose from on alone.

When I first moved here, it was late summer and the empty streets were sunny and inviting. I didn’t have a whole lot to do, other than look for jobs and try to grasp a sense of direction amidst a sea of buildings that all looked the same. So, in an effort to do both, and make up for the fact that I wasn’t running or going to the gym, I walked everywhere.

Walking around all day, for days on end, is what led me to discover that six avenues away is much different than six streets, that the number system disappears in The Village, that 42nd and Broadway (Times Square) is to be avoided at all costs unless you like to walk really really slow, and that Canal street smells strangely similar to Bangkok.

Relying on your feet for travel and not losing space in the gaps created by subway rides is the best way to get the lay of the land, so that’s what I did.

Although I now have a solid grasp of the subway system and the general layout of neighborhoods, I’m still finding nooks and crannies, as well as big gaping holes of Manhattan that I’ve yet to conquer. So in an effort to cover serious territory on foot, and hopefully a better understanding of Manhattan’s west side, my roommate and I decided to take advantage of a Monday holiday (we get presidents day off at real jobs?? how cool!) and walk the West Side path.

Armed with relatively comfy shoes and our favorite giant sunglasses, Amanda and I started at Chambers Street and walked north. We saw the highline for the first time, ate carrot cake at a great diner in the meatpacking district, and stumbled upon the entrance to The Daily Show. By the time we made it to 103rd street where a chalkboard sign announced mouth-watering happy hour specials became the obvious finish line, we felt as though we had connected some of the many dots of Manhattan neighborhoods.

Starting line!

We started off by walking west on Chambers until we hit the path. It was a crisp afternoon but the path was full of runners…

We had to walk a couple blocks East once we caught site of the high line. I’ve always heard people mention it and had never seen it before. Can’t wait to check it out when all the plants are in bloom!

Bad ass apartments, overlooking the highline. Whoever lives there… I want to date.

My Dad’s favorite site in the city… the Intrepid

uh oh… look who discovered Hipstamatic on her iphone!

Time to refuel at City Light Diner

Amanda was suffering severe caffeine withdrawals… thank god they had cappuccinos

City Light Diner’s museum worthy espresso and coffee machines

Back to the path! Those fixtures light up at night. I wish harlem had those!

This is what Amanda and I would have looked like if we hadn’t found City Light Diner.

Morning Side Heights area… great view of the city!

the street at which we got bored of the path (you can only look at the skyline for so long) and cut over to Broadway for the remainder of the walk.

Bought some apples at Barzini’s. I’m not sure how, but NYC has fantastic produce.

I love a bar with Christmas lights!… and animal heads!

What’s your favorite spot along the West Side Path? Tell me what we missed so I have to return!


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  1. May 23, 2012 @ 6:55 pm SusanOrner

    Takes me a while to sit and read so that is what I am doing today… Because I have missed too much! Way too.


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