It's a little dark, and certainly wouldn't get picked for a magazine, but I'm pretty proud of the fact that I had to lean over a sixty foot waterfall to get this shot.

7 Super Shots

I just came across this fun little contest, hosted by Hostel Bookers. 7 Super Shots asks bloggers to share 7 pictures that go along with 7 provided descriptions. I had so much fun going back through my pictures from SE Asia and reminiscing with some of the photos I had forgotten about. Here we go…

A photo that takes my breath away…


OK, maybe a little cliche… a sunset. But I just couldn’t get enough of the sunsets in Krabi, Thailand. As soon as the sun got low in the sky each night, I’d make my way to the beach and enjoy an hour of cooling temps and a glowing sky.
A photo that makes me laugh or smile…

Our first experience with eating crickets in Bangkok. Those pointy legs are really rough going down.

A photo that makes me dream…

Just chilling on the beach, by myself, loving life.  This photo, more than any other, makes me miss traveling - particularly solo travel.

Just sitting on the beach, waiting for a sunset, and loving life. This photo makes me remember how much I loved traveling on my own. 

A photo that makes me think…

These monks in Laos couldn’t have been older than fifteen. I sadly didn’t know any better when I approached them for a picture, but come to find, monks are not allowed to come in any kind of physical contact with women. They were very hesitant about my photo op with them and now I know why. Boys this age in the states are playing video games and watching sports while these young man are searching for enlightenment. Talk about a culture gap.

A photo that makes my mouth water…

This was at a BBQ restaurant in Luang Prabang, Laos. There was a big hole in the table where hot coals and a dome grill sit on. They bring you raw meat that you lay on the grill and cook yourselves. It took some adjusting with grill times, but eventually, we got some deeelicious meat out of our meal.

A photo that tells a story…

Ju is my hero – part mountainman, part McGyver. While I was staying at the elephant camp in Northern Thailand, my legs were covered with big, pussy, infected bug bites. Ju identified them as an allergic reaction to a bug that lives behind the elephants’ ears (right where I tucked my legs to ride them.) He hiked into the mountains, retried this special bark, boiled it up with some other ingredients, and cooked up a concoction that I applied to my legs each night. The bug bites finally got better, thanks to Ju’s resourcefulness! 

A photo that I am most proud of (aka my worthy of National Geographic shot) …

It’s a little dark, and certainly wouldn’t get picked for Nat Geo, but I’m pretty proud of the fact that I had to lean over a sixty foot waterfall to get this shot.

Now, I get to nominate some bloggers to enter! Check out these travel blogs that I love…


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  1. March 4, 2012 @ 1:22 am Rose

    Great photos……especially the one you leaned over the waterfall for……not something your mother wants to hear too much about!!
    A little irritating that I have to enter my e-mail to post a comment!


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