Stars and Signs at the Dumbo Arts Festival in Brooklyn

So maayyybe I did have to look up “Dumbo” on Wikipedia to finally realize it wasn’t a sloppy acronym for Down Under the Brooklyn Bridge. Its actually a very accurate one for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass — who knew?? (Seriously, like five people have told me the former.)

I looked it up because last weekend, my roommate and I attended the Dumbo Arts Festival — my very first trip to this cobblestoned nest of shops, bars and galleries, tucked between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges.

For two days the streets of Dumbo filled up with pop-up art shows and installations as galleries and boutiques opened their doors. I’m not one to spend a whole lot of time exploring art shows, but I was promised tacos, beer breaks, and a light show that actually sounded pretty bad ass. So off we went for my last weekend living in New York City.

First, there were these giant teddy bears.

Aaaand then there was Mexican food.

Pedro’s is located at 73 Jay street and they serve a margarita that makes art a whole lot more fun to look at. Also, their nachos are a mountain of happiness.

We left Pedro’s — stuffed, buzzed, and ready for the CodexDynamic light show that hoards of hipsters were eagerly awaiting.

At first, I really didn’t understand why someone would spend the required hours and dollars on lining up lights to illuminate every single outline of brick on the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. Even the nuances in surface and curvature were perfectly noted — that’s a lot of hours and dollars.

And then the show got going…

Just as I was scooping my jaw off the floor, THIS happened…

Yup. Stars on the ceiling. My last night in New York City and the Dumbo Arts Festival tossed me a little sign that even though I’m suddenly falling in love with this amazing metropolis, my dream to travel and turn this blog into something as unexpectedly big as this light show might actually be the path I’m meant to take.

I’ve tossed the occasional insult at this place: how its stressful and expensive and slightly infuriating at times. But this night I felt nothing but grateful for all I’ve experienced here and the exciting future I have ahead of me. Abby’s sticking around awhile to tease me with pictures of pizza and keep us all informed on the shenanigans of NYC, but the Dumbo Arts Festival weekend was my last as a resident of New York City — for now, at least. Who knows where the stars will lead next…


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  1. April 1, 2013 @ 9:09 am New York City Moments that keep me Coming Back for More - Stars on the Ceiling

    […] The light show that illuminated the tunnel beneath the Manhattan bridge that night had me swooning for the wealth of creative minds that surround us in New York City and so generously share their talent for some truly unique experiences. This is the kind of art I can lose myself in… and the kind that reminds me to keep searching for the types of creativity that speak to me. […]


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