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This is a blog site of two free-spirited individuals who are bonded by one love – their love for traveling and adventure. This serves as an online diary that records the places they’ve been, the various activities they have tried, the culture they’ve seen, and even the people they’ve met along the way.

The purpose? To inspire more people to explore their adventurous side, and to let the world see how much there is to see. Take a different look at the world through the eyes of these two ladies.

The Blog

 If you love to travel and find new adventures, this blog site is just for you. With giving you an idea of what places are best to visit during specific seasons. We give you tips on what to see, and the how to maximize your stay. We even give you an idea of where the best place is to stay especially if you have specific needs.

Bringing your furry pets with you? Travelling with kids and infants, and needing a child-friendly house to stay? You got it. We could even give you the best Bed and Breakfast place around. If you have a specific garage needs for your automobile, we can advise you of that here. We know many vacation rentals here that have the best garage door around. They are even highly insulated like those contemporary garage doors from http://a1garage.com/tampa-fl. These are secured and convenient with keypad locks and wireless remote controls you could bring with you. You can be sure that your card will be in good hands.

Looking for the best place to propose we can suggest a few things. Starting from those with great beach-front views, top of the mountain locations, and other places with spectacular scenes, we can recommend this to you both within the state and outside to the neighboring continents. Want your proposal to be adventurous? Then refer to us for suggestions. We’ll make it as satisfying as possible your adventurous spirit. 

Every story we include here aims to inspire and give every place we go to a new color in the eyes of our readers. This is the reason why for some of our blog entries, we include videos of real happenings in the places we go to. Street parades of the Ipanema, religious festival of Asian countries, tribe cultural traditions, and more, we bring it to you through the Stars on the Ceiling blog site.

The Community

The best part of this is that you don’t simply listen to us, we give you also a place to air your stories. We want to learn about your adventures and get also information from it. Who knows, it may be our next destination soon. 

We do not usually filter everything that is published here. As long as it is about travel and adventure and doesn’t offend and doesn’t contain any profanities, we’re all for it. You are free to leave comments and suggestions on this site to.

For more info, check our contact page on how to reach us.