Stars on the Ceiling blog site was created by two adventurer souls who always intentionally lose themselves in the wilderness so that they could make their own (mis)adventures finding their way out.  

It was not your usual meet and greet for this two. They are not friends. They are not acquaintances of each other. They do not even have friends of friends. What they have that made them click together is good-spirit, and their love to travel. 

They met at a tavern in Africa back in 1991. Both foreigners in the country, they found a sister in each other. Brittany then, having nowhere to sit at a full-packed bar, found the redhead Micah like a beacon in the night. It drew her closer to the latter and that’s where everything started to take off. That night, both girls talked each other’s ear off as they provided recounts on their adventures and travels all year round. 

If that was not enough, they decided to be each other’s partner in hiking some of the most beautiful cliffs in the place. They went to explore safaris together and checked out views that are rarely seen before due to its location, and the danger on the places they lurk. They prevented each other from having any mishaps, and since then became best of friends. 

Now, although they still maintain certain alone time for their individual selves, they do not forget to travel every once in a while. Well, for them this means at least once every twice a month, if not every month.  

Brittany lives surrounded by the beaches of Hawaii, while Micah currently resides in California – two spirits bounded by one goal, and one love.  

Follow and be part of their adventure as they try to always reach for their stars on the ceiling.