Having any interaction with our readers is so much fun. However, as much as we love to entertain every question you have, the time we have is not enough every day to be able to. Thus, the delayed reply most of the time. You can still email us any question and concern you have, and we’ll still send you our answers. But for the meantime, we have collected also the most frequently asked questions for your reference. 

What is SOTC? Is it an organization or a club? 

SOTC or Stars on the Ceiling was the name we’ve picked for this blog. This is not an organization or a club. This is simply a personal blog managed by two free-spirited ladies who want to share their stories with everyone.  

Although some of our readers clamor for an adventure with us which we grant every once in a while, we still have not established any formal groups that would call us a club or an organization.  

Where can we check past entries for this blog? 

We have organized everything into our archive. Our titles have the place where the adventure took place so if you are looking for a review on a specific place and we have already been there, there you will find it. We update it after every adventure, sometimes even during if we can. Life passes us by so quickly that we want to experience everything as much as possible. We want to show it to you too. 

Can we be a part of your adventure?  

Yes, you can. This has been the demand lately, and we love going out with people.  

We announce here every plan we have that includes the group. But if you want to initiate an outing, we can do that too. Email us your plans and we’ll see what we can do.